At CRC we know exactly the kind of challenges Managers face in today’s ever changing Healthcare market. The abundant options available to Therapists in this high demand field, coupled with the challenges of seasonal staffing needs, makes it difficult to retain quality, dedicated Therapists and Therapy Management professionals.

We are a diversified, knowledge hungry, cross disciplined group of seasoned Therapists who attract like minded professionals. Our staff is comprised of some of the best and brightest Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Therapy Management Administrators in The United States who are bonded together by a philosophy and passion to raise the quality of care in our communities.


Staffing Solutions

For Administrators seeking solutions to fluctuating staffing needs from the common to the complex, short-term to permanent, Flux Therapy Staffing with CRC is a great solution.  As an Administrator, imagine having the best staffed Therapy Department whenever you needed them. When things are slow you are not overstaffed, and when you are busy you are not scrambling to find a PRN.

We love making Administrators look ingenius for hiring us and set out each day to prove it. We believe that the quality of service provided by our Therapists far exceeds the average staff therapist which is why you may decide to pursue permanently staffing with us.

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Therapy Management

As an administrator what is important to you? Do you desire peace of mind? Do you want to see efficiencies, quality of care, and profits grow in your department?

From Home Health and Critical Access, to Skilled Nursing Facilities and Outpatient Clinics, we have overseen the Therapy Management in a diverse range of settings within the Healthcare Industry and have the seasoned experience to help you meet your needs.

We use industry leading Therapy Management Administration Techniques to cut your costs and increase your margins. Our Therapy Management team will provide you with the seasoned professional therapists you need to provide your patients with the highest quality of professional care.

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Admin Consulting

Are you frustrated and struggling to effectively train and maintain consistency with the constant changes?

Would you like to have the peace of mind that you have a someone passionate about making your transitions smoother with peace of mind?

We have helped Administrations across the healthcare spectrum, from Hospital Boards to Entrepreneurs. We can assist you in putting the right pieces in place.

Whether you need assistance with hiring your next administrator or would like your next administration transition to flow, we can taylor a plan that fits your specific needs.

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Next Steps...

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Our Mission...

We exist to provide patient care, customer service, and documentation that are unmatched in the healthcare industry

If you are a licensed therapist and have a desire to work with other therapists who have a deep personal conviction for delivering excellence, then we would love to talk to you about joining our team.